Build and Design a “She Shed”

What is a “She Shed”?

A “She Shed” is a tiny house separate from the home and about the size of a shed. “She Sheds” are the women’s answer to the man cave to escape and enjoy her favorite activities or a quiet place to relax.

This is the women’s private and personal space to enjoy without leaving her home. The woman designs her retreat with her favorite things and hobbies.

How to build a “She Shed”

There are different options when adding a Shed. Since there popularity over the years there are Shed Kits you can buy and put together yourself or you can purchase an already built Shed.

Some women have one built from scratch and design it themselves. Whatever you decide be sure you check with your HOA and city for any restrictions.

Some things to consider:

  • What will be the purpose of your Shed?
  • Do you need electricity or plumbing?
  • Determine the space for the inside furnishings.
  • Where will you place the Shed?
  • Are you going to add windows or a porch?

Then have fun decorating with paint, shelves and anything else to make it your own.

“She Shed” Decorating Ideas

If you are decorating a “She Shed” it should be a relaxing space that you customize for your enjoyment. Make it fun without spending a fortune with some paint and personal items. Or if you prefer you can upgrade with new furniture, art and accessories. Some women take it to the next level by adding plumbing, windows, porches and more.

Design your “She Shed” for making pottery or an art studio. “She Sheds” are also used for a reading room or an office where you won’t be interrupted by everyday distractions.

Check out these “She Shed” Ideas

shed 1

A Reading Room Retreat.

In front of your “She Shed” add a patio lounge set to read outside on a beautiful day.


shed 2

Inside the Reading Room

A Tufted chair, bookshelves, and a neutral rug create a relaxing space to enjoy a book.

EEI-2146-SAN_1_030da508-7f38-4bac-b1f8-7c2a83ebb36a_grande EEI-2046-BRN-SET_1_1a39d1bd-be6f-44a3-b60b-6c454b2e4728_grande

shed 3

Yoga Room

This room is complete with nature artwork, bench and fun floor lamp to set the mood.

36100_2__1_grande  MATEOBELSD_grande 28641-1_2__1_grande

shed 4

shed 5

Enjoying Nature

I love the added touch of the crystal chandelier in this space.


shed 6

Gardening Shed

There are also inexpensive ways to decorate your shed by shopping at the flea market or antique shops.

shed 7

shed 8

Decorating the Outside

Fresh Paint, flower planters and custom doors are all ways to add to the outdoor look of your “She Shed” and make it unique.

shed 9

shed 10

The Craft Shack

If you love crafts above are some inspirational photos. Either build a table or buy a simple one to lay out your creations. Don’t forget a couple of barstools and fun lighting to pull it all together.

Jeannie_Lim_-_Claired_Counterstool_grande                          EEI-1222-WHI_1_f1126022-a701-4570-8b11-471414cb85d8_grande

shed 11

Art Studio

This studio includes a deck and some outdoor furniture to invite the girl friends over for a glass of wine and conversation.


shed 12

Office Space

Escape the distractions to your own study by adding a small desk, chair and lamp. Then you have room for a table and chairs for coffee or tea.

EEI-1186-WHI_1_4316e56e-9d94-4b9b-ba73-e3282be94495_grande   EEI-1531-RED_1_92f6c0dc-f514-46d2-991a-2d77b6e60d33_grande

“She Sheds” the woman’s answer to the Man Cave are showing up in backyards with Chandeliers, bistro tables, pillows and outdoor furniture for women to have a retreat of their own .







June Series: Bringing the Beach to You (Part 2)


beachWith summer already in full swing, many people will be packing up and heading to the beach. However, for those of you who can’t make it to the sand and surf or simply want to feel like you’re at the beach all year long, here are some tips to give your home a beachy feel.

For the Seasiders and Southern Belles

Most people from the southern region of the United States are familiar with the community of Seaside in Florida and it creates an image of breezy comfort and relaxed charm. For this type of beach look, choose materials like linen and select color that are soft and muted.



To achieve this look, here are some pieces from ModelDeco to get you started:

While jute and sisal rugs are good for this design as well, something soft with a short pile is also a good option. By selecting a light colored rug, it will create a tranquil contrast to wood floors.


Chairs with soft linen colors are a good option for this design. This piece would go well with either a modern or traditional space.


Sculptures such as this coral one help to bring the coast home to you. Not only does it add interest to the space, but it also compliments the soft colors used in the space.


Wood helps to add warmth to a space. By selecting tables and other pieces in rustic woods it helps add character and warmth.

coffee table


Referencing back to last week’s blogpost, we had mentioned the use of mirrors in the space. The same concept can be incorporated into this design as well. By placing mirrors in spaces such as the living room, incoming light can bounce off of the reflective surface. This will not only create more light, but mirrors can also make a space feel larger.


A more traditional chair compliments this laid back style. A classic piece like this could be used at either your dining room table or as additional seating in the sitting area.side chair

Natural linens are a staple for this style. Pairing this material with lighter distressed woods will help to tie the various materials together.


Light fixtures are important to any space, but it is important to choose pieces that are simple as to not detract from the rest of the space. However, if you wish to use a fixture as a focal piece, then try using a chandelier type lighting to draw attention.

Inspiration for the latter can be seen in next week’s post!


Wicker type furniture is also a great way to give any space that beachy feel. Wicker furniture can be used on anything from chairs to tables. Try selecting a piece that could serve as multipurpose as a way to maximize functionality and create a cohesive look.


Check out more pieces at

Have a style you want to learn more about? Let us know in the comments!


Bringing the Beach to You

beach sign

With summer already in full swing, many people will be packing up and heading to the beach. However, for those of you who can’t make it to the sand and surf or simply want to feel like you’re at the beach all year long, here are some tips to give your home a beachy feel.

For the one who loves Nantucket

The Beach can mean many different things for different people. For those who prefer the north eastern coastline, try incorporating the classic red, white, and blue color palette. Stripes and old, distressed woods are also good options.



To achieve this look, here are some pieces from ModelDeco to get you started:

Jute rugs are a good option for beach homes not only for their aesthetic, but also for disguising the mounds of sand that get tracked into the house from the beach.

jute rug

Comfortable chairs are also a good option for curling up with your favorite book and watching the waves crash from your window.

tufted chair

Accessories such as driftwood help to bring the outdoors in and encourage the beach feeling..

uttermost balsam


Light, distressed woods are a good way to incorporate a Nantucket style into your home. The wear of the wood table add character and charm that one would normally find in a north east beach house.

uttermost cofee table

Mirrors help to bounce light around in a space. A piece such as this one would not only do so, but it also give off a rustic charm fitting of a beach house.

industrial mirror

Wicker and distressed woods are always good options when creating a Nantucket-like space.

dining chair

Stripes are great for coastal spaces due to their traditional design and simple colorways. Stick to a simple two color stripe for spaces like these. Rustic metals and rope accents are also good options for spaces like these.


When thinking of light fixtures, choose ones with simple designs that do not take away from the overall space.


Check out more pieces at

Have a style you want to learn more about? Let us know in the comments!

Looking for the perfect bed for your fur baby? Well, look no more…

When you need a new bed for yourself, I’m willing to bet you don’t just pick out the first headboard and mattress you see. Instead, you carefully select the perfect one based on a number of factors, including style, maintenance, comfort and size.


You should spend the same amount of consideration on your fur baby’s bed since your dog sleeps more than you do! In fact, most canines sleep for about 12 hours per day, so it’s important to choose a bed that it can sleep comfortably in.


Your dog deserves to sleep in a stylish, yet comfortable bed that will double as a conversation piece and show off your impeccable taste! The 3 beds below are made from washable, water-proof velvet and are 100% handmade. The cushion is removable and washable to make cleaning a breeze.

Husky Pet Bed

Husky Bed

Also available in navy

Navy Husky Bed

Blue Husky Bed

When you need just a little extra room, there is even one for the longer dogs!!

Dachshund Grey Pet Bed


Viva Modeldeco


How does a Bohemian chic room pull off looking so completely effortless yet glam? Here are 5 ideas to get that eclectic look for your house:

  1. Bring on the color: Layering is how to pull this off. There are no wrong colors- and all colors “match” in this situation. Stick to your favorite colors and mix away.
  2. Fur is required: The layering of textures is essential for laid-back luxe. Add fur wherever possible- benches, pillows, etc.


  • Shag rugs are back: A thick shag rug softens the look and adds a cozy element to the space.
  • Layer: More is more with boho. Don’t be afraid to add collections of books, magazines, candles.


Pillow Frenzy: Pillows in multiple colors, patterns, and textures adds to the ambiance.


See my favorite products to create that Bohemian look:


Rug #1 (on left): Contemporary Shag Rug

Rug #2 (center): Silver Shag Rug

Rug #3 (on right):  Hand Woven Shag Rug

Fur Bench (on left) Sheepskin Bench

Blue Stool (on Right) Moroccan Ottoman

Gold Sofa (on left):  Cognac Velvet Sofa

Brown Sofa (on right): Brown LAF Sectional

Coffee Table (on left): Wooden Coffee Table

Glass Coffee Table (on Right): Rectangle Cocktail Table


See all our furniture products at

White on White on White

We were once told to only wear white after Easter or Memorial Day.  Well, when it comes to interiors, white can be displayed all year long. The “All White” home is becoming a very popular trend. It represents a soothing, pure, and clean palette.  White can make any room feel large and lush.  By adding different tints of white along with interesting textures, you can create a distinctive neutral palette suitable for your home. White furnishings and accessories can make a dramatic statement in any room it embraces.

Some items to help you achieve the clean look of white can be found on



White Hand-Woven Contemporary Shag Rug


Maxim White Marble Dining Table


Noblesse Vinyl Dining Chair Set of 4


Uttermost Athanas Alabaster Lamp


Uttermost Arlette Tufted Wing Chair


Uttermost Farran Fur Small Bench


Ballinger Vase-Gold-Small, Medium, & Large


Fuse Bar Stool


Phoebe King Vinyl Platform Bed with Round Tapered Legs


Prospect Vinyl Armchair


Slingy Vinyl Lounge Chair


In the 1960s, the activists who chanted “flower power” were onto something important, in more ways than they probably knew. Flowers, just like peace, are good for our mental health.


Being in the presence of flowers triggers happy emotion and have an immediate impact on happiness.

There are studies that prove flowers in a room can produce several emotions just by how they are arranged or displayed.  Whether they are flowers for Tranquility, Energy, Romantic or Happiness, we need flowers.

Studies:  A Rutgers University study found that the link between flowers and your satisfaction with life is far more important than previously thought. Having flowers in your home increased happiness, reduces depression and anxiety and actually can increase emotional contact with friends and family. A separate study by Harvard University found the same results – increased compassion, feeling less negative, and more energy at work. In a trifecta of flower research, Texas A & M University found that flowers and plants in the workplace improve problem solving skills and increase creativity.

So here are some of my favorite items to decorate the home and bring in the colors and flowers.

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS CHAIR! Put them in the breakfast room around this cute black dining table.

Modern Flower Fabric Chair
Modern Dining Chair in Flower Fabric


 Red: Symbolizes power and passion. It can be used to warm up spaces and make them feel more intimate.1 flower

modway table

Round Wood Modern Dining Table

And at 47” round it’s the perfect size. And with the chairs having black in them, this table will make the black in the chairs “pop”! Remember, “color pulls color”.

Black: An assertion of power. Use black for statement pieces that you want to draw the eye. This modern chair and dining table combination will make a statement for sure!

cyan plate
Crimson Glass Splash Plate

Cyan Crimson Splash Plate to hang or sit is a little bit of happiness.

Yellow: Associated with happiness, creation, and creativity. It works well in combination with a calming neutral and in rooms with lots of natural light to create a peaceful environment.

And, according to the Huffington Post, there’s real scientific research about how the color yellow can boost your mood: “Just like you thought, might be a a mood-lifter–who can’t smile at a vase full of sunflowers? A 2007 experiment analyzed how people behaved at cocktail parties hosted in three different colored rooms (yellow, red and blue). The party-goers in the yellow room were more lively and talkative compared with those in the other colored rooms.”

spring time art
Springtime Floral Art


Seaglass Green Console Table

Springtime Promise on Canvas Art.  This set of 3 Vibrant Florals and the Uttermost Lenka Console in Distressed Seaglass Finish and the Springtime Promise art for the entry work well together.

Green: Known for its soothing qualities. Green is the perfect choice for a foyer or entryway because it eases the transition from the outdoors

peacock pillow
Peacock Pillow

Cyan Peacock Pillow 22 x 22 with Velvet Back

blue chair

Blue Contemporary Chair

This fine feathered friend would go with just about any color of chair or sofa, but I thought this  Blue Prince Valiant Chair looked so comfy would be the perfect mate for the pillow.  This chair also comes in Red

Blue: Perpetuates feelings of calm and freshness.


gold vase

Gold Carnation Vase

This Carnation gold vase will work well sitting on an awesome side table like the Modway Modern Side Table in red, white, black and green.

side table
White Modern Side Table

White: Relates a sense of cleanliness and purity. It is great for defining a space, but use white in conjunction with other colors since too much reads as sterile.

Living with flowers strengthens feelings of compassion, and decreases anxiety and worry, and in this day and time where we are all so busy, having flowers in the home make sense. It doesn’t matter if it’s real flowers or flowers in the décor of your home such as Art, Pillows, Drapery or a floral printed chair. Flowers in your home have positive psychological payback. Think of them as part of your mental health treatment program.






Décor for your Health & Well-Being

The global health and wellness economy has hit the trillion dollar mark and scientific evidence has proven that natural elements and views are the most effective stress-reducing and wellness-promoting ways during the process of treatment and recovery.

So it’s no surprise that interior designers see this trend having a tremendous impact on design projects in the future.  And it’s not just physical health that matters—wellness expands to mental and social well-being as well.  Home decor such as art and accessories that offer connections to nature are an obvious way to bring soothing, natural views and imagery to homes and offices. Comfortable, inviting chairs are another, and will increasingly make their way into spaces specifically designed for relaxation or meditation.

So if you are looking to find the best decor for your health & well-being, sit back, relax and shop at

Here are few of my favorites to get you in the right shopping frame of mind.  Peace & Happiness!


White Feather Art

men climbing

Climb to the Top Sculpture


Bardot Chaise Lounge


Outdoor Patio Chaise Set


10 Fun Room Ideas for Kids

Romantic Themed Girls Room
Romantic Girls Bedroom by Linfield Design

A romantic and charming bedroom is always fun for girls. The color scheme used in this bedroom design is ideal for your growing princess. We love the sweet and feminine feel that this bedroom gives! The canopies in this room make a serene retreat for royalties.

Shades of Blue Teenage Girl’s Room by Linfield Design

Blues can also be added for a girl’s color; it can take a room’s look in many directions, depending on the shade or shades you use. For this bedroom, they joined blue with turquoise fabrics and white furniture. For a cheery modern look, the ceiling was painted with different shades of blues and a chandelier added to finish the look.

Bunk Room by Linfield Design

Bunk beds are all about combining a fun, playful vibe with space-saving solutions that help maximize available room. This room has four built in beds with a staircase added in the center for easy access.

Extreme Sports Themed Room by Linfield Design

Extreme sports such a skateboarding, snowboarding, motor bike racing, mountain biking, etc. are popular with boys of all ages. Do you have an extreme sports fan in your house? This room will give you some inspiration for an extreme sports theme.

4501 Westlake Drive Austin TX-large-033-33-Secondary Bedroom-1490x1000-72dpi
Safari Room by Linfield Design

Hanging bed designs are a great idea for any room. Four ropes run to the hanging bed which is framed in wood. This works well for a bedroom with a safari theme. The hanging bed designs are actually held up by wood blocks seen under the bed so the ceiling doesn’t need to support the weight.

Boys Nature Bedroom by Linfield Design

This Nature-Themed Bedroom Will Make You Want to Be A Kid Again. Hanging from the ceiling resembles a old wood bridge. Shelves are also hung by ropes and rustic wood used for a  headboard. This little boy even has his own teepee!

4501 Westlake Drive Austin TX-large-030-30-Secondary Bedroom-1490x1000-72dpi
Girls Nature Themed Room by Linfield Design

Bring the outdoors in with a tree painted on the wall. They also added a birdcage on the wall that looks like it is hanging from one of the tree limbs.  Soft green walls soften the room and wallpaper is added behind the bed to give it an illusion of a headboard.

Teenage Girls Room
Tween Girls Bedroom by Linfield Design

Glitz and glam is the theme for this pink, black, and white, themed tween girls bedroom. This is perfect for the girl that loves fashion. The closet was actually turned into a department store window with an actual mannequin. Large Floor mirror next to bed to check out her latest wardrobe creation.

Ballerina Bedroom by Linfield Design

Ballerina bedroom with pale pink and grey accent colors . They created a modern touch to this little girl’s dance-inspired bedroom with geometric shapes on the walls. What a great way to display Ballet slippers by hanging them with pink ribbons.

Boys Train Themed Room by Linfield Design

Here is an inexpensive way to theme a child’s room for a train lover! Create a train crossing sign from scrap wood and stencils. Wood doors were added as headboards, storage lockers and walls painted with grey and white stripes. What little boy wouldn’t love to play in this bedroom!



See more products to create your room at

Amazing items to make you want to “hop” into your Diva Den for some fun and relaxation!

easter diva
“Diva Den” a place a woman calls her own containing all creatures of habit loves and comforts.

More and more ladies are staking claim to a spot they can call their own. Whether it’s the living room, a spare bedroom or the garage; the diva den gives the woman of the house the freedom to decorate how she pleases, invite friends over, create, work or just relax.  The diva den is the female answer to the man cave.

Here’s how to create the perfect Diva Den and become your friend’s favorite place to hang out.

 Comfortable seating made for relaxing.

Duncan Dual-Reclining Sofa with Dual-Reclining Loveseat

duncan sofa

Manhattan 2PC RF Sectional paired with 2 Westwood ChairsWESTWOODCHBBR_grandemanhattan




Driftwood Cocktail Table                         Atlantis Shag Rug                        Teak Root Table

atlantisdriftwood         .teak

 Functional table and chairs for playing games or just having a cocktail.

Gather 5 wood Piece Industrial Dining Set


Stitch Wood Top Dining Table with Marquis Fabric Dining Chairs and/or Promenade Bamboo Side Chairs

marquis     stitch      promenade

Lighting that will have everyone talking.

Firefly Ceiling Industrial Fixture         Fortune Floor Lamp            Becton Metal Table Lamp
firefly                         fortune                becton

 Shelving/storage for your favorite cocktail ingredients.

                  Vintage Shelving Cart                                        Altair Reclaimed Wood Console

cart                                    console

        Scheldt Wall Wine Rack                                               Velocity Wood Bookshelf

wine                                                            book1

 Fun art and accessories.

       Antler Rustic Bowl                           Acela Round Tray                     Abila Wooden Tray

moose   acela  tray

    Bozeman Distressed Mirror        Valcellina Floor Mirror        Chateau Palmer Chalkboard

bozeman        valcellina          chateau

     Moonglow Modern Art               Davion Squares Mirrors           Accent Tiles Modern Artmoonglow    davion   accent

Kick back and relax in your new “Diva Den” with this tasty and refreshing cocktail!



Visit for more products to personalize your space.