Decorating tips to stage your home like a Model Home.

New Model Homes are always fun to visit for decorating ideas. Wouldn’t it be terrific if we had an unlimited budget and could start from scratch to decorate our entire home all at one time? We know that is not possible for most of us and in fact we are usually accumulating furniture, art and accessories over time. Whether you’re selling your home or want a new makeover there are some inexpensive tricks.

So what are some ideas can you do to freshen up your home and give it that new model home look.

Models homes are beautiful because they are designed with the latest and the greatest finishes, are fresh and new, and accessorized with a color pallet to bring all the elements together.

Highlight your home’s strengths; downplay its weaknesses with these tips.

Clear the Clutter

I always think this is the best place to start. Take a hard look at what you have and ask yourself what you can live without. A good rule is when you add something new donate, sell or throw away something old. Decluttering can sometimes be therapeutic and lead the way to organizing and starting out fresh.

Clean House

Before you start the process of staging your home make it shine. If you are going to add new items its best to start with a clean home. A little elbow grease goes a long way. You may want to hire pros to do some of the really tough stuff, especially if you have a large house. Invest in clean and spotless carpets, windows that gleam and repair or replace broken items.

Curb Appeal

When you visit a Model Home the first thing you notice are perfectly groomed lawns and landscaping. Create an inviting entry to welcome your guests. If you have a front porch make it welcoming with potted plants, a clean door mat and simple patio furniture. Finish the look with updated lights, freshly painted or stained front door and new hardware.


Fortuna Outdoor Patio Armchair

Make an Impact.

The foyer is your first impression of the homes interior and should set the mood. Make an impact with a rug, gallery of art, a tall mirror, wall trim or molding. If the foyer is large you can place a table or console with a centerpiece, accessories or lamp. Lighting is also impactful in a foyer with a chandelier or wall sconces. If you are replacing flooring I recommend continuing the entryway flooring into the adjacent rooms to give it a continuous flow and this will make the rooms feel larger. Below are a couple of Model Home foyers.entry

Foyer Home by Linfield Design



Make a statement with Lighting

Lighting should be part of the décor. The right lighting can make home appear larger or a dark home seem sunny and brighter. Replacing outdated lighting fixtures can change the look of a room. Overhead chandeliers add a fantastic touch to a living room or bedroom instead of the typical ceiling fan, adding both floor lamps and table lamps to make a statement. Find lighting at

master Bedroom by Linfield Design


Pendant Chandelier

Dress up your dining room.

The dining room is often a great room to add an elegant touch. Try placing a console table against a wall with a beautiful buffet lamp and accessories. A collection of art or one large piece of art can add impact to the room. Add a centerpiece or smaller vessels down the center of an extra-long dining table. This dining room has two chandeliers so both ends of the table have lighting. Find lamps at


Dining Room by Linfield Design


Buffet Lamp

Group furniture

Did you know that placing furniture such as sofas and chairs against the walls will make a room feel smaller? Floating furniture away from walls will actually give the room a larger appearance. Grouping chairs and sofas into conversational areas, and consider the traffic flow and allow enough space for people to walk through.


Living Room by Linfield Design


Accessories will bring a room together, however be careful not to over-accessorize. Odd numbers of three or five are preferred by designers when displaying accents like accent pieces, vases, sculptures or candles. To add color and texture to neutral furniture buy accent pillows and match other colors in the room to bring it together. Sheer curtains can soften a room and can also be used to add color.  Don’t forget to hang art or mirrors on walls to update a room.  Area rugs can help define a room and add pattern, color and texture.

Pops of Color

Color can add personality and a strong statement to your room. I recommend becoming familiar with the latest trends in wall color, appliances, fixtures, etc., before choosing a color. To be safe, use a neutral color for the bigger areas, and add pops of colors in the accessories; art decor, area rugs, and pillows.


Living Room by Linfield Design

Stage the backyard

Create an oasis in your backyard to entertain with neighbors and family. Purchase patio furniture or add new cushions to update your existing furniture, a grill and outdoor accessories to tie it all together. Outdoor lighting is the finishing touch to create the ambiance for your backyard entertaining.

outdoorPatio by Linfield Design


Patio Furniture Set

 Visit for new inspirations in the latest Trends.

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