Décor for your Health & Well-Being

The global health and wellness economy has hit the trillion dollar mark and scientific evidence has proven that natural elements and views are the most effective stress-reducing and wellness-promoting ways during the process of treatment and recovery.

So it’s no surprise that interior designers see this trend having a tremendous impact on design projects in the future.  And it’s not just physical health that matters—wellness expands to mental and social well-being as well.  Home decor such as art and accessories that offer connections to nature are an obvious way to bring soothing, natural views and imagery to homes and offices. Comfortable, inviting chairs are another, and will increasingly make their way into spaces specifically designed for relaxation or meditation.

So if you are looking to find the best decor for your health & well-being, sit back, relax and shop at www.modeldeco.com

Here are few of my favorites to get you in the right shopping frame of mind.  Peace & Happiness!


White Feather Art

men climbing

Climb to the Top Sculpture


Bardot Chaise Lounge


Outdoor Patio Chaise Set


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