White on White on White

We were once told to only wear white after Easter or Memorial Day.  Well, when it comes to interiors, white can be displayed all year long. The “All White” home is becoming a very popular trend. It represents a soothing, pure, and clean palette.  White can make any room feel large and lush.  By adding different tints of white along with interesting textures, you can create a distinctive neutral palette suitable for your home. White furnishings and accessories can make a dramatic statement in any room it embraces.

Some items to help you achieve the clean look of white can be found on modeldeco.com.



White Hand-Woven Contemporary Shag Rug


Maxim White Marble Dining Table


Noblesse Vinyl Dining Chair Set of 4


Uttermost Athanas Alabaster Lamp


Uttermost Arlette Tufted Wing Chair


Uttermost Farran Fur Small Bench


Ballinger Vase-Gold-Small, Medium, & Large


Fuse Bar Stool


Phoebe King Vinyl Platform Bed with Round Tapered Legs


Prospect Vinyl Armchair


Slingy Vinyl Lounge Chair

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