How does a Bohemian chic room pull off looking so completely effortless yet glam? Here are 5 ideas to get that eclectic look for your house:

  1. Bring on the color: Layering is how to pull this off. There are no wrong colors- and all colors “match” in this situation. Stick to your favorite colors and mix away.
  2. Fur is required: The layering of textures is essential for laid-back luxe. Add fur wherever possible- benches, pillows, etc.


  • Shag rugs are back: A thick shag rug softens the look and adds a cozy element to the space.
  • Layer: More is more with boho. Don’t be afraid to add collections of books, magazines, candles.


Pillow Frenzy: Pillows in multiple colors, patterns, and textures adds to the ambiance.


See my favorite products to create that Bohemian look:


Rug #1 (on left): Contemporary Shag Rug

Rug #2 (center): Silver Shag Rug

Rug #3 (on right):  Hand Woven Shag Rug

Fur Bench (on left) Sheepskin Bench

Blue Stool (on Right) Moroccan Ottoman

Gold Sofa (on left):  Cognac Velvet Sofa

Brown Sofa (on right): Brown LAF Sectional

Coffee Table (on left): Wooden Coffee Table

Glass Coffee Table (on Right): Rectangle Cocktail Table


See all our furniture products at

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