Looking for the perfect bed for your fur baby? Well, look no more…

When you need a new bed for yourself, I’m willing to bet you don’t just pick out the first headboard and mattress you see. Instead, you carefully select the perfect one based on a number of factors, including style, maintenance, comfort and size.


You should spend the same amount of consideration on your fur baby’s bed since your dog sleeps more than you do! In fact, most canines sleep for about 12 hours per day, so it’s important to choose a bed that it can sleep comfortably in.


Your dog deserves to sleep in a stylish, yet comfortable bed that will double as a conversation piece and show off your impeccable taste! The 3 beds below are made from washable, water-proof velvet and are 100% handmade. The cushion is removable and washable to make cleaning a breeze.

Husky Pet Bed

Husky Bed

Also available in navy

Navy Husky Bed

Blue Husky Bed

When you need just a little extra room, there is even one for the longer dogs!!

Dachshund Grey Pet Bed


Viva Modeldeco

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