Pantone is known by many for their annual color of the year announcement as well as their ability to accurately communicate color across all aspects of design. While many probably know about the color of the year, “Greenery”, what some may not know is that they also come out with a color report every spring and fall. The spring report has been out since last September and includes colors that are bright and vivid as well as some that convey a sense of earthiness. However, all are reminiscent of hues that surround us in nature in an attempt to create a mixture of vitality, relaxation, and the great outdoors. While this may not be new to some of you, here are some ideas of how to incorporate these vibrant colors into your summer style.

PANTONE 13-0755 Primrose Yellow

Primrose Yellow is bursting with heat and vitality and takes us to a destination marked by enthusiasm, good cheer and sunny days. The perfect color for summer!

lemon    yellow.jpg

outdoor chase

Yellow Chaise

PANTONE 13-1404 Pale Dogwood

Pale Dogwood is a quiet and peaceful pink shade which creates an aura of innocence and purity. This unobtrusive hue is a subtle pink that allows it to be intermingled throughout the seasons.

door   pink



PANTONE 14-1315 Hazelnut

A key neutral for spring, Hazelnut brings to mind a natural earthiness. Unpretentious with inherent warmth, Hazelnut is a transitional color that effortlessly connects the seasons.

hazelnut chair   hazelnut.jpg

office chair


PANTONE 14-4620 Island Paradise

Island Paradise is a refreshing aqua that creates a sense of relaxation. This cool blue green shade speaks to our dream of the great escape and is representative of tropical settings as well as our desire to unwind.

shelves   light blue



PANTONE 17-1462 Flame

A red-based orange, Flame, is expressive and fun loving. Colorful and vivacious, this wonderfully theatrical shade adds fiery heat to any space.

orange wall   flame

hanging chair


PANTONE 17-2034 Pink Yarrow

Tropical and festive, Pink Yarrow is a whimsical hue that is alluring and exciting. Bold, attention getting and tempestuous, this lively color is a captivating and stimulating, which can lift spirits and gets the adrenaline going.

bar stools   bright pink

pink chair


PANTONE 17-4123 Niagara

Comfortable and dependable, Niagara leads the PANTONE Fashion Color Report as the most prevalent color for spring 2017. This is a classic denim-like blue that sets the stage for ease and relaxation.

blue deck   niagra

blue couch


PANTONE 18-0107 Kale

Kale isn’t just a leafy green associated with a healthy lifestyle. Evocative of the great outdoors, Kale is a foliage-based green that invokes one’s desire to connect to nature. Just as we see in nature, this lush and fertile natural green shade is the perfect hue to complement the more vibrant tones in the palette.

green wall   kale

green sofa


PANTONE 19-4045 Lapis Blue

Conveying vibrant energy is the next color on the list. Lapis Blue is strong and confident, which creates an intense blue permeating with an inner radiance.

navy book   lapis blue

blue mirror


PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery

Finally for the color of the year, Greenery, which is a tangy yellow-green. Bringing forth a refreshing take, this hue speaks to our need to explore, experiment, and reinvent. Expressive of flourishing foliage, Greenery signals one to take a deep breath and recharge

green wallpaper  greenery

green chair


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