Fixing the Qualms of a Fellow Fixer Upper


Photo Courtesy of: Magnolia Homes

I was asked recently if the Magnolia/ Fixer Upper style was on the way out. I truly had to take a minute to think hard about this. I gave her a simple answer of “it all really depends on your personal style”, but it really got me thinking about whether this style could be getting pushed to the wayside. No doubt that the charming farm house style fans of the show have come to love is probably bigger than it has ever been. Even here at Linfield, at least two of our current projects have a shiplap wall and quaint décor. However, even the designs by Magnolia have expanded greatly since the show started back in 2013. While the “farmhouse” style may be getting less attention due to its overexposure, that doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate aspects of the beloved designs into your home. By all means, add an accent wall of shiplap if you so desire! I myself am a sucker for a good barn door and those exposed beams? Yes please! Neutral colors are gaining popularity as they create a calm and soothing aesthetic and gold and aged bronze hardware add character to any space.

Try these pieces from Model Deco to help keep the “Magnolia” dream alive:

wood chair

Dining Chair

tufted chair

Tufted Lounge Chair


Tufted Bench



room 2

Photo Courtesy of: Suzanne Kasler

However, if you find yourself wanting a change from the beloved style, try pieces like this:


Linen Loveseat


Console Table


Wall Decor

With such a big push for revitalization lately, it only seems fitting that the transitional style is the way to go. Keep the neutral color palette and select an accent color to stand out. If you’re a fan of the steely grays, pair it with white and various shades of blue to create a sophisticated palette. If you prefer the burlap browns, pair it with creams and reds to produce a casual setting. If you aren’t a fan of red, switch it out for rich dark greens as a way to generate a more natural setting. Check out last week’s post about the Pantone color report to help you get started!

Check out more pieces at

Have a style you want to learn more about? Let us know in the comments!

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